Our world is so beautiful!!!

Our world is so beautiful and I can’t understand how we all can live like this.
When I went to work this morning I saw a clear blue sky with small clouds touched in shades of red illuminated by the rising sun. It was so beautiful that it makes me happy and makes me write these lines.
So many people spent their little time here (on earth) with so boring things like work or watching Television or play computer games instead of living there lives. Every morning I see so many people who running with open eyes but closed minds to work. They don’t see each other and they are only focused on their own problems. Don’t see our wonderful world. Then after year they notice what they had missed in their live and regret not to do it in a different way.

Sometimes I would believe that there is a god, doesn’t matter what name he is listen to. Because maybe he has the chance and the will to punish us for our misbehavior or show us how we can live without destroying our world.

17.8.12 09:49


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